Frequently asked CPR Questions

10.június 2019

The recently introduced Construction Products Regulation (CPR) lays down harmonised rules for the marketing of construction products in the EU according to the product standard EN50575:2014.
Starting from 1st of July 2017, every product must be CE marked and needs to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

  • What is the purpose of the CPR?
  • How can we apply for a CPR testing?
  • How are the classes structured?
  • If we get a Class Dca certificate, does it cover Class Eca?
  • What is a Manufacturer and a Sponsor?
  • Are certificates specified or required for Class Eca and Dca approvals?
  • How are O.E.M. products treated in terms of DoP and CE labels?
  • How are samples to be prepared prior to testing?
  • Are there any specific requirement for Cable marking?
  • Do different jacket colours of the cable mean individual CPR approval testing?
  • How long is the Delivery time?
  • Is the CPR Approval program for Class Eca and Class Dca a one time cost or an annual fee
  • What happens if my cable fails the CPR approval Program?
  • Is electrical testing a part of the CPR approval program?
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